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Please note that Earthnet supports only basic email setup and connectivity. We can help you configure supported email programs to receive and send mail with the POP protocol, but issues such as setting up multiple accounts, managing email folders, IMAP protocol, third-party software, message rules, advanced option configuration, etc. are outside the scope of what we support.

The following pages are here to provide you with online self-help with your email.

Setting up your account

If you only need to check your email settings, please follow the links in the category below (Updating your outgoing mail server.)

Click on the email program you wish to configure:

Updating your outgoing mail server (SMTP)

If you're experiencing difficulties sending mail, try to update your outgoing mail server to as described in this section.

Click on the email program you're using:

Please note that if you have trouble sending mail, it may be because your ISP is blocking port 25. In this case, please read this page to find out how to overcome that problem.

General Email Support

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