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In these days and age of heavy spamming, it is becoming more and more difficult to send emails out when you have to deal with certain ISPs. This page will give you guidelines and tips on how to overcome such difficulties.

Please note: this information is only valid for Earthnet customers.

Blocked port 25

Many ISPs now block port 25 in order to prevent infected computers from turning into an army of spamming robots. This is great, but Earthnet's default outgoing server - - is using port 25 to send mail. If your ISP is blocking port 25, then you will not be able to use Earthnet's default outgoing server.

This can happen to you if you switched to, say, a Cable Internet provider, if you are using a Wi-Fi hotspot at your favorite coffee shop, or if you're using your hotel's Internet connection for example.

Click here to see how to tell if your ISP is blocking port 25.

Thankfully, Earthnet came up with a solution to send out emails using a different server on a different port. It takes just a little bit of configuration, but it is well worth the effort.

The trick is to change your outgoing mail server from to You will also need to change the port number from 25 to 80.

Click below to read a generic tutorial on how to update your SMTP mail server, based on the email program you're using. Make sure to replace with

Port 80

To change the SMTP mail server port from 25 to 80, please follow these guidelines.

Outlook Express, Outlook 2000

Go to Tools > Accounts and double-click on your Earthnet account. Go to the last tab called 'advanced' and change the outgoing port from 25 to 80.

Outlook 2003, 2007 or 2010

Go to Tools > E-mail Accounts... > View or change existing e-mail account and double-click on your Earthnet account. From there, click on the 'More Settings..." button, then click on the last tab called 'Advanced'. In there, change the port number for the Outgoing (SMTP) mail server from 25 to 80.

Thunderbird 2

Click on Tools > Account Settings... > Outgoing server (SMTP) (bottom entry on the left side panel). Double-click on the entry containing "", and replace 25 with 80 in the box called "Port".

Apple Mail

Click on the Mail menu and choose Preferences. Click on the Accounts icon at the top, select your Earthnet account on the left panel, make sure you're on the first tab called 'Account information', then click on the 'Server Settings...' button at the bottom, then in the 'Server port' field, replace the existing 25 with 80.


Webmail is a web based email interface, and it will always be accessible as long as you have a working Internet connection. It is not using port 25, and therefore always works.

To find out how to use webmail, click here.



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