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Webmail Advanced Tips

This guide will give you tips on how to take advantage of some of the numerous functions of our new webmail.

How to import addresses into your address book.

If you have an address book in an email program such as Outlook Express for example, you can export the address book to a CSV file (Comma Separated Value), which is basically a text file with commas delimiting the different fields, for example: lastname, firstname, emailaddress, phone...

Export that file to a convenient location (for example, your desktop) and give it a name easy to idnetify (such as addressbook.csv).

Note: the procedure for exporting your address book varies depending on your email program, please consult the documentation of your email program to find out how to do it.

Next, you need to logon to webmail, click on the 'Organizing' menu on the left panel, and then click on 'Address Book'.

Now, click on the icon called 'Import/Export', leave the drop down box to 'Comma Separated Value' and browse to the location where you saved your address book CSV file. Click on the Next button.

Click Next again on the next page.

Select the matching fields for each value, and click 'Add Pair' each time.

Click Next to finish.

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How to adjust the refresh rate of your inbox.

The default refresh rate is about once every minute. If you need to adjust it, proceed as follows:

Log on to webmail, and click on Options at the top.

Click on 'New Mail' under the central column called 'Message Options'

Set the 'Refresh Folder Views' to an interval that suits you, and click on 'Save Options'

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How to display more than 20 messages per page.

To change the number of messages that are displayed per page, do the following:

Log on to webmail, and click on the Options button at the top.

Click on 'Mailbox and Folder Display Options' that is found right under the title of the column on the right, 'Other Options'

Change the number in front of the line that read 'Messages per page in the mailbox view', from 20 to whichever number you prefer (the maximum is 500).

Click 'Save options' to confirm.

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How to sort your messages by date, size, subject or sender.

To reorganize your messages by date, ot size, or subject, or sender, first logon to your inbox on webmail.

The messages are organized by default by date.

If you click on the name of the column 'size' at the right (therefore, click on the word 'size' at the top of the column), it will reorganize your messages by size, from the largest to the smallest.

You will also notice a little arrow pointing down next to the word 'Size', which indicates which criteria you selected to sort your messages.

If you click on 'size' again, it will simply reverse the order, and show messages from the smallest to the largest. The direction of the arrow will reverse as well.

Similarily, to reorganize your messages by sender (alphabetical order), just click on the title of the column 'From', etc.

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How to forward your messages to a different address.

To implement an email forwarding, log on to webmail, expand the 'Mail' menu on the left panel, and click on 'Forwards'.

Fill out the appropriate fields, enter your password and click submit. That's all there is to it.

To remove the forward, go back to the same place and choose 'unset/remove a forward'.

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