Private Cloud Hosting

Among other benefits, a private cloud frees you from hardware investment, maintenance, and eventual obsolescence. Earthnet’s cloud offerings have no rack charges, no power fees, and no cooling costs.

If you handle sensitive data and have strict government compliance requirements, such as HIPAA or Sarbanes Oxley, you need a private cloud solution.

Earthnet offers both a completely private cloud and a cloud hybrid with a mix of virtual and real hardware.


When you select Earthnet’s cloud services you can be secure knowing your data is safe. We manage the security and reliability of the infrastructure so you can focus on your business needs. We apply the latest best practices to ensure the security of your cloud environment. Unlike other service providers and resellers that host your data on servers all over the world, going with Earthnet allows you to know the exact location of your data at all times: it is always right here in Boulder, Colorado.


Idle hardware still takes up space, consumes power, and generates heat. All cloud solutions leverage efficiency of scale, but Earthnet’s cloud offers even more performance for less cost and with less waste.


Our cloud solutions are instantly scalable. While conventional solutions require additional investment in hardware, labor, and migration time should you require more resources, Earthnet can increase your resources and performance with the click of a button for a fraction of the cost.


Our cloud is hosted in an SSAE 16 certified facility. Because we are compliant, you’ll be compliant. While we have extensive experience helping organizations address common compliance requirements such as HIPAA, PCI, or Sarbanes Oxley, if you have unique requirements, we can custom develop a solution to meet your needs. We can even provide hybrid cloud solutions that leverage both conventional and cloud computing—all on your own private plan.

Earthnet will provide a free, no obligation consultation to help determine your needs and come up with a cloud solution that delivers the right services at the right price. Contact us now.