Services for Startups and Software Companies

Whereas some companies are founded by tech wizards, other teams need hand holding when it comes to managing their IT needs or presenting their technology stack to investors.

Regardless of your level of technical expertise, Earthnet can flex to meet you where you are and help you plan for where you are going.

Earthnet Allows You to…

  • Add our extensive IT expertise to your team
  • Plan your current and future capital outlay in the most cost-effective manner
  • Tailor services to your organization’s unique needs with room to scale
  • Receive super-fast provisioning of new technology to avoid deployment delays
  • Test new software quickly and easily in a virtualized environment
  • Sandbox your app development to truly protect your intellectual property
  • Leverage our twenty-year history to set your investors’ minds at ease
  • Ensure your end users’ experience is seamless and lightning fast

If you are raising money, we will even help you prepare the technology section of your pitch deck. (Try to get Amazon to help you with that.)

And as a champion of startups and innovative software companies across Colorado’s Front Range, we will invest in your startup by giving you one free month of service. Terms and conditions apply. Ask your sales rep for details.

Flexible Services for Unique Organizations

Startups and software companies succeed by offering unique solutions to common problems. Earthnet takes the same approach.

We offer flexibility and custom-tailored solutions you will not find at other datacenters; we offer the kind of services a young, agile organization needs to solve tech challenges during both the startup and growth phases.

Contact us now to walk through all your options and get a firm price quote.