Services for Legal Organizations

• Sensitive legal documents
• Client confidentiality
• Secure communications

These are only a few of the concerns unique to law firms, process servers, and other legal organizations.

If you work in the legal industry you have to select an IT service provider that offers not only top-tier technology but also one that understands the nuanced privacy and security concerns inherent in your line of work.

Earthnet understands the special needs of legal organizations, and we designed our facilities and services to make you want to promote us to partner—at least your IT partner

Private, Hybrid Cloud for Complete Confidentiality

Like the legal industry the IT industry, with the advent of cloud computing, has been undergoing seismic shifts in the way clients buy and use its services.

Cloud computing offers traditional legal organizations a better way to build, implement, and manage their IT infrastructure. With fewer headaches, reduced costs, and enhanced performance, if you have not already done so, you should consider moving to the cloud.

While modern cloud computing is a fantastic innovation, not all cloud solutions are equal. Many providers offer only public cloud services, and those services do not provide the privacy and security the legal industry requires.

Enter Fractus, Earthnet’s private, hybrid cloud.

  • Enjoy the enhanced performance and cost efficiencies of cloud computing in a truly private environment that meets the strict confidentiality laws you must follow.
  • Add scalability to your IT infrastructure while permanently eliminating hardware investment, maintenance, and eventual obsolescence.
  • Access critical client files quickly and securely from anywhere.
  • Choose from hybrid cloud options with a mix of virtual and real hardware.

View our cloud services for additional information or contact us to have one of our experts create a custom cloud solution and a firm price quote.

Colocation Facilities to Keep Your Client Files Secure

If you have already invested in servers but are adding attorneys and outgrowing the back closet, you may be interested in colocating at Earthnet’s Tier 3++ datacenter.

When you colocate your servers at Boulder’s only SSAE 16 certified facility, you will enjoy the following benefits:

  • High-speed, redundant connectivity for super-fast access to data
  • Greater security and enhanced performance over hosting at your location
  • Total control over your servers with 24/7 key card access
  • Optional managed services that allow you to reduce IT support costs

Chat with one of Earthnet’s IT experts to learn more about how our colocation services can bring your legal organization to the next level of performance and efficiency.

Managed Services to Keep Your Staff Billing Clients

Whether your associates and staff members typically meet clients at your office or use mobile devices to complete work at court, take depositions, or serve legal documents in the field, Earthnet offers a full suite of managed IT services that allow quick access to the mission-critical software and data they need to stay on task and on the clock.

From day-to-day systems monitoring to after-hours emergency tech support, we can design a program that takes IT headaches off your task list and allows you to take care of clients.

  • Custom-designed service plans for your specific needs
  • High availability and top performance
  • More efficient than hiring a contractor
  • Round-the-clock tech support

Contact us now to walk through all your options and get a firm price quote.