Cloud Services

  • Are you considering moving your business to the cloud?
  • Are you a little confused about how the cloud works?
  • Are you concerned about what can happen to your data if it was on a public cloud?

While the cloud promises increased performance, flexibility, and cost savings, you need to make sure you are selecting the right type of cloud services for your specific needs.

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Not All Cloud Services Are The Same

At the most basic level, there are public cloud services (like Dropbox and Amazon Cloud Services) and private cloud solutions (like Earthnet’s Fractus).

Learn more about the different types of cloud solutions.

Earthnet’s Fractus is a truly private cloud designed with the small and medium business in mind. Unlike public cloud solutions, your data stays right here in Boulder! With Fractus you get all the bells and whistles of a public cloud solution, yet you have the peace of mind that comes from knowing your data resides in a completely private and secure environment in Boulder.

If your business is in a security-sensitive industry such as medical, legal or financial services, and you need to share data within your network, the private cloud is the only way to go, and Earthnet can custom design a cloud solution for your business.

A Quick Overview of Our Cloud Solution

The Dell Active System 800 Cloud Solution hosts Fractus. Dell is still a name you can trust, and its cloud platform offers an amazing array of automation features, efficiency, lower risk, and simplification.

Fractus also offers peer-storage architecture that helps manage storage in ways that saves employees time. Data protection is automatic with storage management open to anyone on your team, so you do not have to go through a specialist to have it managed properly.

How Our Cloud Solution Saves You Time and Money

One of the main ways Earthnet’s cloud services save you money over hosting your own hardware is that you instantly eliminate purchasing and powering cooling systems for your own servers. Also, Dell’s system allows you to use a single administrator for connectivity to your data, which reduces maintenance and management. Finally, top-rack switch ports are lessened so you can enhance your performance without spending a fortune.

How Our Private Cloud Solution Lowers the Risk of a Data Breach

Fractus offers single-point accountability that keeps your data as secure as possible. Plus, you will have full scalability features enabling you to expand your space when your company grows.

Fractus brings efficiency and security to managing your data in ways that other cloud solutions simply cannot match.

To learn how we can implement a private cloud solution for you and to receive a firm price, contact us for a free consultation.