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What We Support (Dialup & DSL)

This documents provides information for Earthnet ISP customers (Dialup and DSL subscribers). It explains how to get technical support, and what sort of incidents Earthnet can or cannot support.

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The fastest help you can get is the online self-help:

These help pages contain easy-to-use instructions especially for Earthnet customers. Solve almost any problem here, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

The 2nd best way to get technical support is to send an email to

If your problem is email-related, you can still open a trouble ticket by going to our website:  and clicking on "Trouble Ticket" on the left-hand side. This opens a trouble ticket immediately.

We answer tickets in the order they are received.

If you have a connectivity issue, we understand that using the online self-help or opening a trouble-ticket is just impossible. In this case, please use our phone support, available at 303 546 6362 extension 112.

*The fastest way to get a call or email back is to open an online ticket.*


Earthnet supports basic email setup and operation and Internet connectivity.

We have the assumption that your computer (hardware and software) and your connectivity equipment (modem, network interface card, telephone line, cords, etc.) are in good working condition and perfectly operational.

We will not support operating system and third party software related issues. If your operating system is having critical issues, if a third party program (for example your anti-virus or internet security suite) is preventing you from accessing the internet or managing your email properly, or if your computer is infected with a virus, spyware or malware, please consult a trained computer professional, or take your computer to a computer repair service center.


To provide you with the ability to send and receive emails, regardless of your operating system or software, you can always use our web-based email interface, called Webmail:, that we recently upgraded.

We can help you configure supported email programs to receive and send mail (using the POP3 protocol). Email programs we support are limited to the latest versions of:

No other email programs (such as Eudora, Microsoft Entourage, Netscape Mail, etc.) are supported. However, you can find valuable information on how to configure those unsupported email on our website, at: or from the software’s manufacturer directly.

We will also provide support for our spam blocker. For a user guide, please follow this link:

Issues such as (but not limited to):

are outside the scope of our standard technical support.

Similarily, we do not support Blackberries, iPhones and other smart phones, due to the evergrowing pool of that kind of wireless devices. All the email settings and protocols used by Earthnet can be found here. For anything related to the setup of your smartphone, please contact your smartphone manufacturer directly. To set up your email on your iPhone, please click here.

Extended support for such issues is available at our rate of $25 per quarter hour.


Earthnet will provide you with Internet connectivity and assist you in the basic configuration of supported Internet Access equipment.


Earthnet only supports the configuration of the modems that Century Link provides:

All other modems are explicitely exluded from our support. You can use any DSL modem you’d like that is not listed above, as long as you feel comfortable configuring it and troubleshooting it yourself. You can find our configuration standard settings here:


Earthnet will help you setup your computer to create a dialup connection with Earthnet as your ISP. We will also help you correct your connection settings if they are wrong. We only support the following operating systems: Windows 98SE, Windows XP, Windows Vista and Apple Mac OS X. Windows 95, NT4, and Me, and well as Mac OS 9 and older are no longer supported.

We cannot provide support for your dialup modem itself. If you have issues with your dialup modem, please refer to a trained computer professional.

We also do not support setups such as the following:

For help with dialup, please visit


If you are using an Actiontec GT701W wireless modem, provided by Century Link, we can help you turn the wireless feature of the modem on. From there on, your modem will transmit a wireless signal, to which you can connect using a wireless adapter (not provided).

Due to the plethora of wireless routers and adpaters available on the market today, we cannot help you with any other aspect of your wireless network than turning on the wireless transmission on your GT701W modem. Helping you connect to that wireless network is outside of the scope of what we support. For more information, click here.


Networking is not supported by Earthnet for ISP customers. The use of a router or switch to connect more than one computer to the Internet is not covered by our technical support. If you need help setting up a home or a small business network, or even a wireless network, please refer to a trained computer professional.

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