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How to update your Outgoing Mail Server (SMTP) - Netscape 7.0

This document will show you how to configure Mozilla Thundebird 1.0.5 with the most up-to-date Outgoing Mail Server (SMTP) that Earthnet uses.

Follow this tutorial if you can receive your email but cannot send mail.

Use it as well to simply make sure your email program is configured optimally.

To open your Mail application, either double-click on the icon named Netscape Mail, or from Netscape Navigator, click on the Window menu and choose Mail & Newsgroups.

1 - Open Netscape 7.0 Mail, go to the Edit menu and choose Mail & Newsgroups Account Settings

2 - Click on the Outgoing Server (SMTP) category on the left column, and you should see this screen:

Make sure the Server Name says
If it reads, please delete and type instead.

Note: alternately, you can use

Port should be set to 25 or left blank (the default setting). (unless you chose in the previous step, in which case you'll have to set the outgoing port number to 80)

Check the box that says Use name and password, and in the User Name box, type in your Earthnet username (most likely, it will be the first part of your Earthnet email address, for example johndoe is your email address is

Under Use secure connection (SSL), select the radio button called Never.

Click OK to confirm your changes.


3 - Try sending a message now. You should be prompted for a password as follows:

Please type your Earthnet email's password, and check the box that says Use Password Manager to remember this password (unless you prefer to be prompted for a password every single time you send your email). Click OK to confirm.

Here's a copy of the warning message you will get when you click OK. Click the OK button to close that box.

You should now be able to send out messages.
Try to send a test message.
If it does not work, try restarting your computer.
If you still cannot send out messages, call Earthnet at 303.546.6362.

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