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How to update your Outgoing Mail Server (SMTP)
Entourage for Mac OS X

This document will show you how to configure Entourage for Mac OS X with the most up-to-date Outgoing Mail Server (SMTP) that Earthnet uses.

Follow this tutorial if you can receive your email but cannot send mail.

1 - Open Entourage.

2 - Click on the Tools menu and select Accounts:

3 - Double-click on the name of your Earthnet e-mail account. A window called Edit Account will open.

Under the Sending mail category in the lower portion of the screen, in the SMTP server field, you should have:

If there is anything else, for example, please remove it and replace it with

Note: alternately, you can use, in which case you'll have to set the outgoing port number to 80 (see below).

Click on the button labelled Click here for advanced sending options. This will pop up the following dialog box:

Make sure that the first 2 boxes are unchecked

Note: if you picked instead of in the previous step, check the second box called 'Override default SMTP port' and type 80 in the corresponding field.

Check the third box that says SMTP server requires authentication.

Select the second radio button that says Log on using

Under Account ID, type in your Earthnet username

Under Password, type in your Earthnet password

Check the box that says Save password in my Mac OS keychain, unless you prefer to be prompted for a password each time you send your e-mail

Close out of this dialog box.

Click the OK button to save your settings.

You should now be able to send out messages.
Try to send a test message.
If it does not work, try restarting your computer.
If you still cannot send out messages, call Earthnet at 303.546.6362.

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