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Spam Filter - How to Automatically Delete Blacklisted Emails

Last edited: June 6, 2009

Our spam filter's default behavior is to simply move all messages coming from a blacklisted sender into the spam folder. It does not delete them automatically.

If, however, you would like to have ALL emails from blacklisted senders permanently and automatically deleted, so that you never even see them, you will have to create a special rule. Here's how...

Log on to Webmail:

From the left menu, under the 'Mail' category, click on 'Filters', then click on the 'New Rule' button:

You will see the following dialog box.
First, give a name to your new rule - we suggest calling it 'Blacklist'.
Then, from the 'Select a Field' dropdown box, choose 'Self Defined Header':

A new box will appear for the header name.

When you're back on the filter list, enter '1' in the box to the right of the blacklist rule and hit enter to move it to the first position in the list. This is necessary for it to preempt the spam rules.

You can now log out of webmail. From now on, all messages coming from a sender on your blacklist will be discarded silently.

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