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TCP/IP Settings - Windows 2000/XP

This document will show you how to change your TCP/IP Settings on a Windows 2000 or Windows XP computer.

1 - Click on the Start button, and choose Control Panel
(it might be hidden under Settings > Control Panel).
You should see the following window. You might need to click on the Switch to classic view link located in the upper left-hand corner of your window to see the control panel like this.

2 - Double-click on the Network Connections icon. You should get this page:

3 - Right-click on the Local Area Connection icon and choose Properties. This will pop up this window (Note: Windows 2000 may not have the Advanced tab).

4 - Highlight the Internet Protocol TCP/IP entry, and click on the Properties button underneath it. You should get a new window like this:

Use this setting to obtain everything automatically (IP address and DNS servers).

Your IP address is assigned by your DHCP server.

This is the default setting for your DSL connection, unless you requested a block of static IP's or are configuring your network manually.

Use this setting if you experience difficulties displaying web pages with your browser.

Using this setting, you will manually specify which DNS servers are used to browse the web.

Use this setting if you need to specify your IP address manually.

You also need this settings to setup an Actiontec DSL modem with a block of static IP's in unnumbered mode.

The IP's shown are for display purposes only. Same goes for the Subnet Mask.

5 - Once you've chosen the setting that is right for you, you just have to click OK and OK again to confirm your changes.

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