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How to configure your DSL modem - Intel Modems

Please note: the Intel 2100, 220 and 3200 are no longer supported.

Here is some legacy information for your information.

The Intel 2100 has a VPI/VCI setting of 1,1 while the Intel 2200 has a VPI/VCI of 0,32.
The Intel 3200 is USB based and is an external modem.

This document explains the regular procedure to setup Intel 2200/3200 as far as the ISP connectivity goes.

This procedure applies after the Modem Drivers are loaded and the DSL link is trained.

You can check this by going to "Connection Manager":
Start > Programs > Intel Pro DSL > Connection Manager.
The "general" tab in Connection Manager has the status fields that should show:

Modem Driver: Driver Loaded
DSL Link : Trained

If this is true, we can go ahead and setup the ISP connectivity.

ISP Procedure:

The connectivity is established from the dial-up settings panel.

In case of Windows98,ME you can reach this point by
Start > Programs > Accessories > Communications > Dial-Up Networking

In case of Windows XP/2000 you can reach the point by
Start > Control Panel > Network and Dial up Connections

You should see an icon that says "Century Link DSL"
Right click on this Icon and choose"Properties"
On the new window that pops up, click on the tab that says "Servers" or the tab that
says "Networking"

Make sure the type of connection is Point-to-point for Windows 98/ME/NT/2000/XP

The only check box that should be checked on this screen should be "TCP/IP".
Click on the "TCP/IP Settings" button next to it.

This will bring up a screen that asks for the IP information. Choose "Dynamic IP".

Click Apply, OK on this screen and keep doing so till you get back to the Network/Dial up Connections panel.

When you are back there, double click on "Century Link DSL" icon.

In the window that appears, you should enter your username and password in the
appropriate fields. The telephone number should say 0,32.

Click on "Dial/Connect" . It should say "You are now connected".


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