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Cisco 67x DSL Modems - Password Recovery Procedure

This document will show you how to remove the password from your Cisco modem's configuration.

**NOTE** You will lose your current configuration! So make sure you have a copy of your configuration template. Call Earthnet if you need this.

To recover the password, follow these steps:

1. Access the device through the serial Console

Speed: 38400, Data Bits: 8, Parity: N, Stop Bits: 1

2. Reboot the Cisco 67x (cycle the power by unplugging/replugging the router)

3. Issue the break command, (CTRL-C) repeatedly as soon as you reboot the Cisco (i.e. before it says "Hello!")

4. The Cisco 67x should display a prompt =>

5. Issue the command:

es 6

6. Issue the command:


Turns off monitor mode. Ignore any response from this command. The second character in m0 is the number ZERO, not the letter 'o'

7. Issue the command:

rb 8

The modem should reboot, with exec and enable passwords removed.

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