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How to Change your DNS settings - Mac OS 9

This document will show you how to change your DNS Settings on a Mac OS 9 computer.

Click below to see how to change the DNS settings on your modem directly:

DNS Change on an Actiontec modem
DNS Change on a Cisco modem (re-type all the configuration lines in part 4):
675 Single Static IP - 678 Single Static IP - 678 Dynamic IP

Here are our current DNS servers addresses, as of July 2010:

Primary DNS =
Secondary DNS =

  1. Click on your Apple menu, then Control Panels and choose TCP/IP:
  2. Your DNS settings are located in the lower portion of the dialog box, called Name Server Addr.. Leave the box empty if you want your DNS servers automatically assigned, or type them in the Name Server Addr. box. You can leave the rest empty.
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