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Make your Dialup Connection the Default Connection (Windows)

This page will show you how to make your Earthnet dialup connection your default Internet connection. This tutorial only applies to Windows computers.

You need this tutorial if you just switched from one dialup provider to another, and if you still are prompted to connect to the old dialup provider's connection whenever you start your browser or your email program.

Please note: all the screenshots used in this tutorial apply to Windows XP, but different versions of Windows should look very similar to this.

Step 1 - Open the Control Panel

Click on the Start button (lower-left hand corner of your computer's monitor) and either click directly on Control Panel if you can see it, or first click on the Settings menu then on Control Panel. The following screenshots apply to Windows XP, but other versions of Windows will look very similar:


Step 2 - From the Control Panel, double-click on the icon called Internet Options. If you cannot find this icon, first click on Switch to Classic View then double-click on Internet Options.


Step 3 - The Internet Options dialog box.

You should now be in front of a dialog box similar to this one, with multiple tabs at the top:

Click on the tab called Connections, and you should see a dialog box like this one:

This screenshot shows that your computer is setup to use 2 different connections: Earthnet, and "My Old ISP (Default)". Right now, as shown above, the computer is setup to use the connection called 'My Old ISP' as the default connection. So, everytime Internet Explorer tries to open a web page, a "Connect to 'My Old ISP'" screen pops up, and the connection fails (since you don't have your Old ISP anymore).

To make Earthnet your default dialup connection, first select the connection called Earthnet (it should be highlighted blue) then click on the Set Default button as indicated with the red arrow:

Once you've done this, you should see the word (Default) next to Earthnet instead of next to 'My Old ISP', as shown here:

Before you click OK, please make sure that:

the third radio button, called Always dial my default connection, is selected (if it is not, please select it)

you can read "Current Earthnet" (as circled above)

You can now go ahead and click OK.

Make sure you have closed all your opened programs, and try restarting Internet Explorer. You should now be prompted to connect to Earthnet instead of your old ISP.

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